Case studies


Mondi-WWF Partnership Review

Mondi Group and WWF have been collaborating on a strategic partnership to promote responsible forestry and a sustainable pulp and packaging strategy. As the second phase of the partnership was coming to an end, we were asked to undertake an independent evaluation of its impact and achievements. We undertook a full review of the partnership […]

Marks & Spencer

M&S Complex Partnerships

Ethicore further supported this project once it moved to the implementing country, Ethicore facilitated conversations between the country teams and the global teams to ensure the shared value partnership was also applicable in implementing country.


Diageo Partnership Strategy

Diageo brought in Ethicore to help transition from the Diageo Foundation to a portfolio of programmes in the core business that deliver social and environmental impact.  Ethicore engaged key stakeholders mapped the current commitments and developed a strategic approach for programmes going forwards.

The Orchid Project

Orchid Project strategic planning

Orchid Project is an immensely influential organisation which aims to end FGC in a generation. Excited by their ambition, we wanted to help them develop their strategy and operational plan for the next phase of organisational development.


WWF – Thai Union global partnership development

WWF engaged Ethicore to help build their partnership with Thai Union Europe into a global relationship to lead sustainability of the seafood sector. We designed and delivered a process of engagement, concept development and co-creation to develop a direction for their global partnership and support both partners.


WWF International

WWF Nature Pays is an initiative from WWF International which seeks to improve the impact of Community Conservation Enterprises for people and nature. Ethicore worked with WWF International on strategic priorities for Nature Pays and worked with the Director to develop priority concepts and partnerships which led us to create a fundraising resource for Nature […]



To support Habitat for Humanity in their ambition to triple impact, income and scale, we conducted a review of institutional funding operations and recommendations for investment. The review included an internal assessment of capacity of Habitat for Humanity and its network, via extensive stakeholder interviews, a review of policies, and benchmarking of peer organisations and […]



Following our work with Habitat for Humanity International, we collaborated with Habitat’s GB office to develop a strategic plan to deliver impact globally and sustainability locally. We conducted a deep dive into current operations, via a situation analysis of current performance, stakeholder interviews, and generated strategic insights to inform the development of a direction and […]


Mentoring Women in Business Programme

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women have an ambition to increase the impact and value of their flagship Mentoring Women in Business Programme. To support this aim, we conducted a programme review, including stakeholder interviews with funders and mentees and a stakeholder survey with mentors to explore current experience of the programme, and future potential. […]



GSK GlaxoSmithKline reinvests 20% of its profits in Least Developed Countries, and has engaged Ethicore in supporting its relationships with NGOs partners. We delivered the strategic plan for the 20% initiative in Bangladesh and have supported partnership development in Asia and Africa.



Made-By wanted to review their publicly available sustainability tools with a view to ensure the tools fully meet stakeholder needs.


WaterAid Corporate Engagement Insight

WaterAid asked Ethicore to help them understand their corporate stakeholders better to enable them to design more strategic and responsive partnerships.

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare asked Ethicore to help them develop a framework for their business model and a strategic plan for robust growth.


Oxfam GB WE-Care Messaging development

As part of their work to promote the recognition, reduction and redistribution of women’s unpaid care and domestic work, Oxfam were looking for a partner to develop and research a new set of persuasive policy communications on UCDW, targeted at decision makers.


Oxfam – Futures

As Oxfam works towards its 2020 vision, it has established a Futures Project to enable transformational change and engage staff in new ways of working. Oxfam asked Ethicore to develop the impact of Oxfam Futures.


Green Alliance

Green Alliance needed a new position to reflect their influential role in shaping a sustainable economy, and to inspire staff internally.


Christian Aid

Christian Aid is developing partnerships for change.  Ethicore were commissioned to design and deliver an approach to support staff in the UK and Ireland to involve the private sector.


Low Carbon Hub

The Low Carbon Hub asked Ethicore to develop marketing for its most ambitious share offer to date. We developed a compelling offer for communities and investors and built capacity of their team to beat their target, generating £1.7m …

Action Aid Logo

ActionAid International

Ethicore developed a strategic, proactive and coherent approach to corporate sector engagement globally.  This involved stakeholder research, desk research, an internal engagement workshop with affiliates around the world.


CARE International

CARE aimed to developed a global approach to the health sector and corporate engagement.  Ethicore researched the market, engaged corporate and global stakeholders and mapped the opportunity.


Oxfam – Private Sector Engagement

Oxfam want regional and programme staff to leverage the private sector to increase their impact on poverty.  They asked Ethicore to develop a package to engage, inform and inspire regional teams to respond to this challenge.  


Skoll World Forum

Ethicore has provided the Skoll World Forum with strategic direction, facilitation and full-service marketing right through to evaluation.


Natural Childhood Summit, The National Trust

The National Trust, Play England, NHS Sustainable Development Unit and RSPB engaged Ethicore to design and facilitate the launch of a new initiative to reconnect children with nature. 


Practical Action

Practical Action want to scale up access to energy in developing countries. They brought in Ethicore to help them build a strategy to engage companies in this challenge.


Oxfam – Ethical Trade

Oxfam’s Ethical Trade team wanted to influence more companies, more efficiently to meet society’s expecations within business constraints…


Ethical Trading Initiative

Ethicore was commissioned by ETI to explore the role of consumers in influencing companies to improve the conditions for workers in their supply chains.


Syngenta and smallholder agriculture

Syngenta approached Ethicore to help it innovate with an international NGO.  The question was how to engage with small-holder farmers – particularly women. 


We Will If You Will

The ‘We Will If You Will’ Initiative was designed to enable individuals to develop more sustainable lifestyles. We helped build a coalition of NGOs and businesses committed to delivering practical solutions to climate change for consumers and communities.


Food Ingredients Europe

Oxfam were offered the opportunity to exhibit and present at Food-Ingredients Europe – a critical event in the food industry diary. The Private Sector team approached Ethicore to help them achieve a big impact.