We Will If You Will

The ‘We Will If You Will’ Initiative was driven by Fiona Reynolds of The National Trust and Ian Cheshire of Kingfisher to enable individuals to develop more sustainable lifestyles. A coalition of NGOs and businesses committed to delivering practical solutions to climate change for consumers and communities.

Ethicore was invited to:

  • Help develop innovative solutions for consumers.
  • Inspire and engage the Third Sector.
  • Foster new collaborations between NGOs and business.

The first campaign, www.eatseasonably.co.uk, aimed to reconnect people with the food they eat by promoting seasonal consumption of fruit and vegetables and encouraging people to grow their own.  The second campaign, ‘Hug Your Home’, was to encourage people to insulate their homes, using an employee engagement campaign.

“Ethicore has an unparalleled knowledge of the ethical market and its consumers.  Rachael has an inspiring ability to join the dots, develop new ideas and foster innovative collaborations.”

David Hall, Behaviour Change