Save the Children [Markets based approaches]

Save the Children UK asked Ethicore to support the development of their position on market-based approaches for development, building a common understanding with staff and a strong fit with their strategic goals. Here’s what we did:

  • Engaged staff in the UK and across regions in stakeholder interviews and a co-creation workshop.
  • Supported the development of a position on market systems change for children.
  • Created a suite of communications to involve and inspire.

We continue to follow Save the Children as they develop ‘market systems change’ activities globally with interest.

“Ethicore helped us to really focus and think through what market systems programming should and could mean for Save the Children. This work has started a journey which, I believe, will ultimately lead to more sustainable and higher impact programmes for children.”

Davina Jeffrey, Senior Food Security Livelihoods Advisor , Save the Children UK.

Photo credit: Jkozef Nateel / Save the Children
Photo credit: Jkozef Nateel / Save the Children