Syngenta and smallholder agriculture

Syngenta approached Ethicore to help it innovate with an international NGO.  The question was how to engage with small-holder farmers – particularly women.  We had to:

  • Act as translator between business and NGO worlds.
  • Create a safe environment for senior teams to be comfortable to share and learn.
  • Design and facilitate a creative workshop and process to innovate.

We spent time with both teams to weave together their objectives.  The video we created with inspired the teams.  In the end we moved both organisations forward with some audacious concepts for the future and innovative ideas for now.  The two organisations also developed practical plans for action.  Time well spent!

‘Ethicore has an unparalleled knowledge of the ethical market and its consumers.  Rachael has an inspiring ability to join the dots, develop new ideas and foster innovative collaborations.’

David Hall, Former International Campaign Director, The Climate Group