A collective

We are a collective of experienced, creative and specialist associates in stakeholder research, behaviour change, sustainable development, organisational development and communications.

What drives us?

Rachael Clay set up Ethicore in 2008, to improve the impact business, institutions and INGOs have on social and environmental issues through insight, engagement and partnership. She is a strategic social innovator with over 23 years experience in research, innovation, strategy, stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

Rachael Clay

Director of Ethicore

Rachael is particularly focused on the potential to deliver social value, systematic innovation and the facilitation of global partnerships. Prior to setting up Ethicore in 2008, Rachael was a Senior Manager at Oxfam for over ten years, establishing a Strategy Development and Market Intelligence Function and developing Oxfam’s digital presence. Prior to this, Rachael worked as an […]