Natural Childhood Summit, The National Trust

Natural Childhood Summit Report

The National Trust, Play England, NHS Sustainable Development Unit and RSPB engaged Ethicore to design and facilitate the launch of a new initiative to reconnect children with nature.  Here’s what we did:

  1. Developed a playful environment bringing the outdoor in
  2. Designed an innovation process to empower partners to innovate
  3. Facilitated a process and packaged the results to inspire action.

Natural Childhood Summit Report

“Ethicore have played a key role in helping the National Trust build coalitions around two of the most important issues facing our time: climate change and our increasing disconnection from the natural world. In both cases they brought new insight and an innovative approach to stakeholder engagement – I recommend them highly!”

Helen Meech, Assistant Director, Outdoors and Nature Engagement, The National Trust

Natural Childhood Summit Scrapbook