CARE International

CARE aimed to developed a global approach to the health sector and corporate engagement.  Ethicore researched the market, engaged corporate and global stakeholders and mapped the opportunity.  We designed and facilitated a workshop with representation from CARE affiliates globally.  This shaped the strategic approach, with ownership and engagement of key staff.  We then wrapped up the strategy for the team.  Ethicore have also worked strategically with Care affiliates internationally to develop a joined-up approach to Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal Health.

“Ethicore’s Rachael Clay infused CARE’s inquiry with strategic vision, enthusiasm, and structure.  Rachael is adept at bringing together diverse stakeholders with a range of view-points.  Moreover, she helped us stick within a tight budget.  We look forward to our next opportunity to work with Ethicore!”

Marcela Hahn, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, CARE

Check out the latest programme strategy from CARE, featuring sexual, reproductive and maternal health: