Oxfam – Futures

As Oxfam works towards its 2020 vision, it has established a Futures Project to enable transformational change and engage staff in new ways of working. Oxfam asked Ethicore to develop the impact of Oxfam Futures. We:

• designed an engagement process for staff.
• ran sessions with Leadership teams.
• analysed outputs from staff feedback.
• developed a framework for future Oxfam Directions.

“Rachael has supported Oxfam with our work on Futures, which has engaged both senior leadership and staff more widely in exploring how Oxfam GB’s role needs to change in the years ahead. Her support and insights have been invaluable in taking this work forward – in terms of content on the one hand and in terms of ways of effectively engaging different stakeholders on the other. Rachael is easy to work with, proactive, thoughtful and collaborative.”

– James Whitehead, Oxfam GB

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Winnie Byanyima
Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International