WWF – Thai Union global partnership development

WWF engaged Ethicore to help build their partnership with Thai Union Europe into a global relationship to lead sustainability of the seafood sector.  We designed and delivered a process of engagement, concept development and co-creation to develop a direction for their global partnership and support both partners.

  • Build understanding of  partnership performance, perspectives, tensions and opportunities, internally and externally.
  • In-depth consultations with technical and partnership experts across the WWF network.  Interviews with Senior Directors at Thai Union to identify areas of shared value and partnership development.
  • Developing draft concepts for a global partnership programme.
  • Engaging staff in co-creation through a series of participatory online webinars.
  • Facilitation of partnership meetings, to provide direction to the global partnership and further to develop a shared brand approach and campaign concepts.

You can find out more about how WWF and Thai Union are working to make tuna sustainable here  https://www.wwf.org.uk/who-we-are/who-we-work-with/john-west