Oxfam Private Sector Engagement Framework

Oxfam needed a vision, framework and structure to enable greater impact in its engagement with the private sector across the confederation.  We helped them scope the context and future of the private sector in development through stakeholder interviews with INGOs and Private Sector leaders and a review of best practice.   We facilitated a 2-day workshop of senior leaders from the confederation to develop a Framework for Private Sector EngagementThis helped developed the position and approach for Oxfam’s work with the private sector including protocols, procedures, policy.

“Oxfam works on the private sector in many different ways, from campaigning against malpractices of companies, to working together with them when they want to do the right thing, with many shades of engagement in between. Arriving to a common set of views from teams across the confederation was therefore not easy, but Ethicore really helped us through a process to help identify the key questions we needed to be able to address to chart a way forward. The Private Sector Framework we agreed upon is helping conversations in teams, facilitating joint work and helping to clarify for everyone what the agreements in Oxfam are. This will be a major step forward in our efficient ways of working with the private sector” 

Lies Craeynest, Head of Private Sector Engagement in Oxfam

Oxfam is known for its campaigns that help drive a race to the top between companies, for example, the Behind the Brands campaign which compares the top 10 food and beverage companies on policies across a range of topicshttps://www.behindthebrands.org/.


Oxfam is also involved in in-depth partnerships, for example with Unilever to help tackle adverse social norms for women to help achieve women’s economic empowerment.  Find out more here

Florence and Zakayo working together - WE Care - Uganda

Florence and Zakayo working together – WE Care – Uganda