ActionAid UK Corporate Strategy and plan

ActionAid UK have committed to a new solutions focused approach to the private sector, investing in a  Corporate Partnerships team to deliver.  We worked with them on their corporate strategy and development through an intensive process of research, engagement and co-creation:

  • We mapped opportunities across  ActionAid’s Federation , identifying  programme priorities and potential to leverage partnership activity
  • Matched the internal research with a corporate mapping to identify opportunities for engagement
  • Engaged stakeholders across the Federation in co-creating creative concepts for partnership
  • Delivered a complete portfolio of  corporate engagement strategy recommendations:   vision, pitch pack  and development plan, to maximise impact

Taken from ActionAid website:

“Ethicore delivered a substantial piece of work to high standard, within a very tight timeframe. The team were engaged, responsive and professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to any NGO seeking to develop its approach to corporate partnerships.”

Ewan Livingston, Head of Corporate Partnerships, ActionAid UK