Tostan Strategy to 2030

Ethicore designed and facilitated an exceptionally inclusive and participatory strategy process for Tostan, engaging communities, officials, partners, funders, its Board and staff to develop their strategy to 2030. Tostan is at an inflection point. Together, we have co-created a bold strategy to enable breakthroughs for community well-being in West Africa and beyond. The strategy is grounded in detailed research and analysis, guided by a Theory of Change, supported by a funding strategy for Tostan and the wider movement and, most importantly, it is owned by the people and partners who will enable it.

As an African organisation, Tostan has a unique community led approach, experience and people and we are excited to see them partner with others to achieve their shared vision of sustainable community well-being by 2030.

“I have been involved in the social change sector and in strategic planning processes for many decades. I must say that this has been the best strategic planning process I have ever been engaged in: the Ethicore process is exceptional, and it has brought out the very best in Tostan’s committed, creative, and collaborative teams.”

Kelly Baxter, Board Chair, Tostan

“I love where we have arrived through this process – I feel we have a wonderful strategy to shape the next 7 years. I love even more HOW the strategy was made – collaboratively, iteratively, inclusively – with many hundreds of people across many languages and time-zones-from communities to staff to local and global partners – all coming together around community well-being. We were so lucky to have found Ethicore, a partner that could work alongside us to build a process that really engaged everyone in the right way”

Elena Bonometti, CEO Tostan