WWF Socio-economic impact framework for inclusive conservation

WWF understands the importance of breaking out of siloed thinking to achieve truly regenerative impact. To achieve greater impact, it’s critical to first know your impact. They started with the intention to develop a framework for measuring the socio-economic impacts of their conservation work with communities. We researched and scoped approaches, ran expert workshops to build in best practices, and shaped the pathway for developing an impact measurement framework. With this WWF hopes to support and enable practitioners to better understand, and thereby increase, the impact of their conservation work with communities in a way that is inclusive and synergistic. 

Ethicore’s efforts were successful in helping us achieve our goal of paving a pathway for the development of a socio-economic impact framework. The team provided unwavering support every step of the way and delivered top quality work. It was a pleasure to work with Rachael and Doda, they showed diligence and genuine interest in maximizing both the process and the end goal. Overall, it was a great experience and it led to fruitful results.”