ViiV Positive Action Strategy Interim Review

ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action (PA) works with communities to ensure that no person living with HIV is left behind.  At a mid-point in PA’s strategy they engaged Ethicore to review potential for impact of their portfolio relating to priority populations most affected by HIV, including children and adolescent mothers.  We reviewed impact to date, assessed scalable models, and identified potential course corrections for the strategy to enable community-led impact

Read more about ViiV’s Positive Action Strategy for transformational community and strategic partnerships here Global Positive Action for HIV Communities | ViiV Healthcare 

“Ethicore’s adaptable and creative working style, and collaborative approach has enabled us to gather key insights across a broad and diverse portfolio of community driven solutions to improve the quality of life of people. Ethicore are highly professional, worked well with tight timelines, and exceeded expectations of our brief. Our collaboration was fundamental in further developing our community granting strategy for the next few years.”