World Vision Response to COVID

World Vision UK responded swiftly to the threat from COVID-19. The Policy and Programme Team engaged Ethicore to facilitate virtual away-day for the Leadership Team to consider their approach to leading through the crisis. We used scenarios to explore the possible futures and responses. The interactive format was designed to energise and stimulate the team in a challenging period. It built on work we had already done together on innovation strategy and team structure.

Taken from World Vision’s website

“We have greatly valued and enjoyed working alongside Ethicore.  Great to be able to take some time out from the busy-ness to step back and think about what was going on around us, and how that might play out longer term.  Given how hectic the day to day is, we would never have had the time to plan, let alone run engaging and thought provoking sessions with the Policy & Programmes leadership team.  The various outcomes have served us well to challenge our assumptions about the future and give a head start for medium to long term planning.”