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Innovation for Impact Partnerships at Business Fights Poverty Oxford

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Innovation for Impact Partnerships at Business Fights Poverty Oxford

By Jo Zaremba A vibrant buzz of innovators, intrapreneurs, thinkers, doers and investors filled the Innovation Partnerships session at Business Fights Poverty.  Facilitated by our partner, Darian Stibbe, of The Partnering Initiative; the topic of conversation: innovative partnerships for economic, social and environmental impact. Nine innovation leaders from companies and NGO’s shared experiences of building partnerships, setting […]

Responses to a shifting global workforce

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A shifting global workforce V2- Blog

By Heather Browett As we’ve been supporting corporate partners and NGOs on approaches to dignified work, one thing has struck us – the trajectory of trends which will shape the future global workforce. The sheer scale and scope of these forces mean leadership on inclusive training and improving equitable supply chain practice are prudent investments. A quick look at what’s driving it: 1. Automation of low skilled jobs: Up […]


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BY Jane Thurlow, Ethicore Associate Business, NGOs and institutions alike, are working towards sustainable development.  It takes a deep understanding of the issues and opportunities, a bold focus on social and environmental impact and new partnerships to transform lives and businesses.  All this, while we lead our own organisations.   So, what does it mean […]

Poverty Footprinting – A Step Closer

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By Jo Zaremba, Ethicore Associate You may have missed this, but the UN Sustainable Development Summit launched not only the SDGs, but also the Poverty Footprint Tool and Indicator guidance from the UN Global Compact and Oxfam International.  Two transformational agendas, although the latter may have been overshadowed.  So let’s take a look at the […]

Registering your charity – ten lessons learnt

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So you want to register a charity? Perhaps you’re setting up a brand new organisation to achieve change in your community. Perhaps its time for your existing community group to take the step to become a formal charity. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve helped organisations through this process.

The three ‘N’s

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At a meeting with an international NGO last week I was asked for three trends for the ‘business of development’. Based on research we have been conducting over the past year, here are the three ‘N’s that rose to the top.

A partnership approach

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Partnership starts with building trust. Here’s the journey we take organisations on from immersion to action in 5 easy hard-working and committed steps… The approach starts with trust.

You say ‘tomato’, and I say ‘potato’ – does this mean we should call the whole thing off?

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NGO and Corporate partnerships: is language one of the main barriers in making useful connections? It would be naive of me to suggest that NGO and Corporate partnerships (MNC) are the new, perfectly harmonious, utopian partnerships that will drive the ‘for purpose’ agenda forward. However, it is equally naive to think that all partnerships are […]

Will consumers pay for sustainability?

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In a recent 2 Degrees discussion forum on whether consumers will pay for sustainability, Chris Coulter@GlobeScan made an excellent strategic point: “This is not so much about ‘will consumers pay for sustainability’ but more about how can companies committed to sustainable performance (at both the corporate and product level) leverage their investments to make them more […]


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Let’s share what Corporate Partnership Managers say about this, according to the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network.  You can read the full article here. Look for a good fit Make it a win win Keep it fresh and creative Use networks to build contacts Build relationships Be passionate about your product and organisation Develop a plan that […]