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Participatory Approaches to Strategy Development

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During Catalysing Change week 2023, we co-facilitated an interactive webinar on co-creating strategy with our partners at Tostan and Lwala. Rachael shared thoughts on the imperative and potential of participatory approaches to strategy development in turbulent times. Here is a summary… 1.    First let’s just look at trends for strategy development.    2.    Participatory approaches, at their best, can be a process of empowerment for […]

Strategy in uncertainty: Staying agile

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Post 4 of the ‘Strategy in uncertainty’ series You have your strategy, people are engaged, but it’s still too easy to slip into old patterns and carry on as before.  From our experience there are strategic approaches, ways of working and mindsets which can all help sustain commitment to an agile and transformational strategy.  The […]

Strategy in uncertainty: Participatory processes

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PARTICIPATORY PROCESS FOR IMPACT AND AGILITY  Post 3 of the ‘Strategy in uncertainty’ series Strategies on paper aren’t going to change the world.  Those that organisations live and breathe stand a chance.  Setting a dynamic direction, which engages and informs at all levels of the organisation, can help to navigate change.  Participatory processes in the […]

Strategy in uncertainty: Agile planning 

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Post 2 of the ‘Strategy in uncertainty’ series An elaborate strategy can feel reassuring for Boards at times of uncertainty. However, it can also underplay risks, slow response times and miss opportunities during periods of change.  We have been evolving approaches to strategy development and planning with partners over the last few years, to build […]

Strategy in uncertainty

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Post 1 of the ‘Strategy in uncertainty’ series What if you didn’t follow your strategic plan, but it guided you on your journey?  In our increasingly fragile world, we need to stay ever more alert to the threats of pandemics, conflict and climate change disrupting and destabilising the systems in which we operate.  The risk […]

Happy ReNew Year from Ethicore

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This year we have worked with remarkable people and organisations striving to positively impact people and planet. People going above and beyond to creatively explore regenerative business, sustainability in food retail, tax reform and anti-corruption, support for communities with HIV/AIDs, housing access, universal WASH, sustainable pulp and paper, global health and sustainable development. It is […]

Strong Team Canvas

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Re-Group with a Strong Team Canvas At times of crisis it helps to re-group and strengthen our teams.  Whether our core team, project teams or partnerships; teams that are new or existing; taking time to sketch out a team canvas can be an energising and empowering team activity.  A team canvas effectively captures ‘my team […]


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COVID 19 – Accelerating our virtual productivity  Turning social distance in to social productivity COVID19 may be leading to travel bans and cancelled events, meetings and workshops, but it doesn’t have to reduce our productivity, social connection and interactions.  Virtual sessions can be even more productive, not just saving travel time and carbon, but getting deeper and more […]

PURPOSEFUL PARTNERING – Four calls to action

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Speaking at the ICRS meeting on Partnerships for impact, I shared insights from our research and experience on four calls to action for purposeful partnering.  Break and remake the mental models in our organisations to deliver purposeful partnerships, not just rhetoric. Invest in and measure the impact of partnerships, not just programmes and projects. They […]