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Radical Collaboration

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Radical collaboration is essential for those working towards transformation of social and environmental outcomes. I recommend the book “Radical Collaboration – Five Essential skills to overcome defensiveness and build successful relationships” by James W. Tamm and Ronal J. Luvet (2004, HarperCollins) for those interested in delving deeper. They focus on building collaborative intention, truthfulness, accountability, […]

PURPOSEFUL PARTNERING – Four calls to action

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Speaking at the ICRS meeting on Partnerships for impact, I shared insights from our research and experience on four calls to action for purposeful partnering.  Break and remake the mental models in our organisations to deliver purposeful partnerships, not just rhetoric. Invest in and measure the impact of partnerships, not just programmes and projects. They […]

Tackling Power Imbalances in Partnership

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Photo by Stijn Swinnen on Unsplash Power dynamics can destabilise a partnership, even with the best of intentions.  Diagnosis is the first step to rebalancing power for effective partnerships. Mastering mindsets for partnerships will help to tackle power imbalances in partnerships but more explicit efforts are necessary to anticipate and manage the impact of power in partnerships.  Diagnosing power imbalances  Be honest about differences in financial […]

Investments for partnership mindsets 

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash Partnership is essential to achieving the SDGs yet an intention – reality gap exists. Organisations, whether NGO, Company or institution, have this as a stated priority.  Professional partnership teams are working hard to hold together relationships, but it takes a whole organisation to deliver transformative partnerships.  There’s a troublesome investment deficit in partnerships. Partnership management is often approached intuitively and can succeed or […]

Remaking Mindsets for Partnership and Innovation

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Photo by s w on Unsplash Mindsets do not have to be fixed.  We can develop our mastery of mindsets for partnership, starting with self-awareness, awareness of others and self-regulation.  We first need to understand how we interpret the world and react to it, according to our own mental models.  Understanding the paradigms and mental models which guide the way we see ourselves, others and our work will help to explore […]

Personal Mastery of Mindsets for Partnership

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Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash Mastering the 6 personal mindsets will help individuals and their organisations build healthy, enduring partnerships [insert link to blog 1 – emily to do once live].  The 6 mindsets for partnerships are complementary and require balance.  For example, an outcome mindset can feel forceful if not balanced with a shared value mindset.  An effectiveness mindset can be superficial when not balanced with a reflective mindset.  A solution mindset can be based […]

Personal Mastery of mindsets for Partnership Innovation

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Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash Partnership and innovation require similar mindsets, to explore possibility beyond the limits of our own organisation or existing solutions.  Tackling problems to achieve such ambition for transformative change is a stretch.  It takes diverse skills and perspectives working together in multi-functional teams.  A solutions mindset is key, particularly when balanced with a reflective and openness mindset.  Developing a reflective mindset is […]

Opening Mindsets for Partnership

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Photo by Caitlin Oriel on Unsplash In our last blog, we introduced the mindsets for partnership and innovation. Mindsets do not have to be fixed.  Starting with the disciplines of self-awareness, awareness of others and self-regulation, one can begin to develop a mastery of the mindsets essential for partnership.  Mindsets are built from, and closely intertwined with, personal mental models that help us […]

Introducing Mindsets for Effective Partnerships

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Effective partnerships are dependent upon the mindsets of the individuals that make up a partnership.  Individuals hold deeply rooted assumptions and generalisations that will influence their perceptions and behaviour.  Our behaviours aren’t fixed, however, and we can learn to apply certain mindsets and skills through a process of personal mastery to enable better partnerships1.  INTRODUCING THE CORE MINDSETS  Developing three personal […]

Mindsets for Partnership and Innovation 

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  How transformative could our partnerships be if we invested in the mindsets and capacity of each individual that makes a partnership happen?  The leaders, finance, design, delivery?  Partnership is ultimately made up of individuals and their relationships with each other, with success or failure often determined by the attitudes and behaviours of those individuals.  It takes real mastery of ‘mindsets for […]