Mindsets for Partnership and Innovation 

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Mindsets for Partnership and Innovation


How transformative could our partnerships be if we invested in the mindsets and capacity of each individual that makes a partnership happen?  The leaders, finance, design, delivery?  Partnership is ultimately made up of individuals and their relationships with each other, with success or failure often determined by the attitudes and behaviours of those individuals.  It takes real mastery of mindsets for partnership’ to create and sustain transformative partnerships.    

Too often partnerships lack a shared aspiration for change, getting stuck in service delivery, unable to break down silos or finding ‘new’ difficult.  A partnership may be drifting off track but the partnership doesn’t have the relationship or the tools for the partners to disclose and address issues In this partnership mindsets series, we’ll be introducing 6 mindsets for partnership and the core mindsets that underpin them.  Let’s challenge ourselves to invest in partners to develop their mastery of mindsets for transformative partnerships. 

Follow the series to get an ‘overview of the mindsets for partnership and innovation’ and delve deep into each mindset for more insights and tools. 

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By Rachael Clay