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Insight and evaluation

24th November 2011 Posted by: Rachael

Starting a project with some good social media listening, a solid piece of market insight and a piece of stakeholder research can give you the kind of insight that allows you to leap forwards.  It takes time to go from information to insight, but it is worth it.

Research is also critical to evaluate performance, whether through surveys, social media evaluation or impact assessments.  The critical thing is setting some effective Key Performance Indicators at beginning (or retrospectively if you are really moving fast!).

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Brand Building Recipe

5th November 2011 Posted by: Rachael


  • Your team, whole and ready to participate
  • A sample of your communications
  • A sprinkling of your stakeholders
  • A chunk of quality time


  1. Get under the skin of your cultural values.
  2. Analyse your communications and what they say about you
  3. Understand how you are perceived by stakeholders
  4. Boil down to some real INSIGHT.
  5. Serve up a unique and added value positioning on social and environmental issues
  6. Try it
  7. Cook up some creative to bring this to life over and over again.


An organisation well for 5 years (or 2-3 if you are a start up).