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Radical Collaboration

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Radical collaboration is essential for those working towards transformation of social and environmental outcomes. I recommend the book “Radical Collaboration – Five Essential skills to overcome defensiveness and build successful relationships” by James W. Tamm and Ronal J. Luvet (2004, HarperCollins) for those interested in delving deeper. They focus on building collaborative intention, truthfulness, accountability, […]

What next for advocacy partnerships? 

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By Jane Thurlow, Ethicore Associate  A couple of weeks on from Business Fights Poverty Oxford, we’ve been reflecting on the discussion we curated with our insightful panel and  The Partnering Initiative at the Advocacy Partnership Zone.  Our panel had some clear directions on what was needed next for more impactful advocacy partnerships.  Contributors acknowledged  the […]

Advocacy Partnerships Session at Business Fights Poverty Oxford

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Advocacy Partnerships Session at Business Fights Poverty Oxford

By Jo Zaremba A  stimulating discussion was had at our curated Advocacy Partnerships session with The Partnering Initiative this morning at Business Fights Poverty’s flagship Oxford conference.  Panellists and the audience shared case studies demonstrating how business can make a significant contribution to the SDGs, but also raising practical, ethical, intellectual and moral challenges. The diversity of […]

Be prepared for the future of partnership: A discussion with expert collaborators from Mars, Diageo, Oxfam and DfID.

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By Rachael Clay, Director, Ethicore What do experienced collaborators advise we prepare for the future of partnerships? Kate Wylie (Global Sustainability Director at Mars), David Croft (Global Sustainability Development Director at Diageo), Laura Kelly (Head of Business Engagement Hub, DfID) and Alex Lankester (Head of Corporate Partnerships at Oxfam GB) joined me to discuss this on […]

6 items for your influencing agenda

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By Jane Thurlow Building influence is critical for organisations with a social or environmental agenda, whether commercial, NGO or institutional. Managing reputations has been Sue Wolstenholme’s (Ashley Public Relations) life’s work and we were lucky enough to hear her thoughts at a recent workshop. We’ve been reflecting after the session on six items for your […]

What can Partnership Development Learn from Sales?

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By Jane Thurlow,  Ethicore Associate Talking to a friend with a lifetime’s experience in sales, I was struck by how good sales strategies can be used to inform approaches to successful partnerships.  Astute sales people understand the art of collaboration and relationship building more than most and have a battery of tools, which can be […]

Planning for Impact

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By Jane Thurlow, Ethicore Associate Planning for impact builds on our Design for Impact series where we outline 3 steps for good planning: Identify where you are Define where you want to go Design the journey So follow our plan for more influence, and unlock your potential for genuine impact … Jane has over 20 years […]