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Spring Inspiration: Exploring Risk, Accountability, and Radical Collaboration

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Oxford in spring is a melting pot of ideas and fresh perspectives. I am feeling re-energised after recent encounters and sessions at Skoll World Forum and Marmalade and find myself reflecting on the abundance of ideas and insights from so many amazing people. Here are some key takeaways that have left a lasting impression:  Additionally, […]

Partnership trends transforming development

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by Calvin Jennings The development system is shifting and new structures of funding are accelerating the pace of change.  Partnership remains essential, but the scope, scale, and systems behind new partnership models and investments are reframing relationships between development actors.  There is a desire for transformational change and here we take a look at the […]

Strategy Like you Mean It

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By Rachael Clay “Can you help us develop our strategy for [insert theme here]?” “Sure”, we say, “Is that a piece of paper, or the actual impact you want?”   Strategy can be about so many things… securing funds, keeping a board happy, demonstrating team worth. Often, the focus is on getting a strategy signed […]


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By Rachael Clay, Director, Ethicore The challenge of sustainable development is beyond you and I, isn’t it?  We need to work together in partnerships and multi-stakeholder intiatives (MSIs), but we lead different organisations.  So, how do we build these relationships and design for impact with others?  Achieving deep and shared understanding, values and partnership takes […]

Don’t Ask ‘Why?’ – Creating Behaviour Change

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Beliefs have a powerful influence on our capability as individuals and also as organisations. Beliefs can be empowering, enabling us to achieve our potential. But beliefs can also be limiting, based on generalisations from our own experience. For example, …

A little bit of love and understanding

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We have been musing: are charities really in the right space when it comes to communicating with donors, particularly major donors? New Philanthropy Capital’s excellent report, Money for Good, explores what motivates donors to give to charity. You could be forgiven for thinking that major donors are all primarily driven by responding to ‘needs’ and […]

Will consumers pay for sustainability?

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In a recent 2 Degrees discussion forum on whether consumers will pay for sustainability, Chris Coulter@GlobeScan made an excellent strategic point: “This is not so much about ‘will consumers pay for sustainability’ but more about how can companies committed to sustainable performance (at both the corporate and product level) leverage their investments to make them more […]