A message for 2023, from all of us at Ethicore

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It is such a privilege to know how many of you incredible people are making change happen day in, day out. You let us in to your world and we experience your passion and commitment to impact. It gives us hope.

This year we have worked with remarkable people and organisations who are working to: support communities in West Africa; increase socio-economic impact of conservation; strengthen the UKs position on development, tackle corruption, support people living with HIV/AIDs, scale access to WASH, provide advice to vulnerable people, deliver climate justice, decarbonise banks, and engage people with our lovely planet.

We know that 2023 will see the same love and energy flowing towards people and planet. Thank you.

This year, your seasonal message is in support of: 

  • Emmaus: Providing a home and meaningful work for people who have experienced homelessness.  
  • DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal: Providing urgent relief to the millions in Pakistan whose lives have been devastated by the floods. 
  • Client Earth: Providing environmental change through the power of the law.