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Where’s the Ambition to Innovate?

16th November 2017 Posted by: Emily Williams

The INGO sector is immature in innovation terms, as demonstrated by the Bond Innovation Audit.  The vision to transform lives, systems and models are compelling organisations to innovate.  But often we’re missing a strategic, systematic approach which is driven by AMBITION.  Organisations need to define their innovation ambition first, then set out the formal structures, […]

Partnership trends transforming development

19th September 2017 Posted by: Emily Williams

by Calvin Jennings The development system is shifting and new structures of funding are accelerating the pace of change.  Partnership remains essential, but the scope, scale, and systems behind new partnership models and investments are reframing relationships between development actors.  There is a desire for transformational change and here we take a look at the […]

Responses to a shifting global workforce

5th September 2017 Posted by: Emily Williams

By Heather Browett As we’ve been supporting corporate partners and NGOs on approaches to dignified work, one thing has struck us – the trajectory of trends which will shape the future global workforce. The sheer scale and scope of these forces mean leadership on inclusive training and improving equitable supply chain practice are prudent investments. A quick look at what’s driving it: 1. Automation of low skilled jobs: Up […]

Be prepared for the future of partnership: A discussion with expert collaborators from Mars, Diageo, Oxfam and DfID.

22nd August 2017 Posted by: Emily Williams

By Rachael Clay, Director, Ethicore What do experienced collaborators advise we prepare for the future of partnerships? Kate Wylie (Global Sustainability Director at Mars), David Croft (Global Sustainability Development Director at Diageo), Laura Kelly (Head of Business Engagement Hub, DfID) and Alex Lankester (Head of Corporate Partnerships at Oxfam GB) joined me to discuss this on […]

6 items for your influencing agenda

21st April 2017 Posted by: Emily Williams

By Jane Thurlow Building influence is critical for organisations with a social or environmental agenda, whether commercial, NGO or institutional. Managing reputations has been Sue Wolstenholme’s (Ashley Public Relations) life’s work and we were lucky enough to hear her thoughts at a recent workshop. We’ve been reflecting after the session on six items for your […]